VTC / RECON Network Partnership – Press Release – VTC

“The men and women that have proudly served our nation are great assets to the companies that employ them. We believe we owe it to them to do our part to help make the process of finding their next career easier on them and the companies that hire them.” said VTC Veteran Tax Credit’s CEO, Craig Washburn. “We are looking forward to working with the RECON Network to achieve our common mission to help our Veterans find their purpose then marrying that with the right profession and employer.”

Veterans or companies interested in utilizing the services of either The RECON Network  or Veteran Tax Credits can find out more through their respective websites, www.RECON.vet and https://www.veterantaxcredits.com/[1][2]


About The RECON Network

The RECON Network is a South Carolina-based company focused on purpose-based career planning, transition resources and consulting for military veterans and their spouses. From the online Compass purpose-finding program to live events, tools and resources, The RECON Network provides events focused on career placement, education and entrepreneurial paths to purpose-based careers and an incorporated lifestyle with local communities—all with a focus on providing meaningful connections and opportunities to the veteran community.

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